Carried Away With Books
is a song from "Up in the Air Junior Bird Donkey," a story from The Book of Pooh. Kessie wanted to help lift Eeyore's spirits, so she decided to teach him how to fly. She, Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger went to Owl to find a book on flying, and they sang this song together.


Suppose you want to know
What to feed an oyster
Or say you want to learn
The names of all the stars
Perhaps you want to find
The quickest route to China
The answer's in a book
Just have a look
(But what about a book that can teach Eeyore how to fly?)
Why with Books you can fly
And quite a bit more
(Good heavens!)
There's so much to say
They're filled with amazing adventures galore
With Books, you get Carried Away
Why, Books keep you company when you're alone
They're your friends through a rainy day
Books take you places that you've never known
With Books you get Carried Away
I get Carried Away With...
With Books
(Really, Owl? Will Books do all that?)
(Yes! There's a book for almost everything!)
(You don't say? Is there a book that tells why antelopey rhymes with cantaloupey?)
(A book to help me find my cousin, twice removed?)
(Um, is there a book with the bees' recipe for honey?)
(Why, that's what Books are for!)
All that and more
You will find
With Books you can soar
Travel far afield and astray
To places that you've never been to before
With Books you get Carried Away
[Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Kessie, and Owl]
Get Carried Away With Books.