Bunis Yang is also known as Yang Chi Tzang; began his career working in Taiwan in the 1970's on Japanese anime series' such as Mazinger Z, Candy Candy, Astro Boy (1980's version), Gaiking, Gatchaman II, Hundred Years War, Thundercats, Wind In The Willows (Rankin Bass edition), 3000 Leagues In Search For Mother, Ulysses 31 and Rascal The Raccoon. Then He debuted working on animation for North American shows with the Yogi Bear Christmas special in 1980/1981. He worked on many of the early Care Bears productions for Nelevana, and many of the DTVA productions for Wang Films. Bamse and the City of Thieves in 2014 for Sluggerfilms is his most recent credit. Other sample credits include the Pippi Longstocking animated feature in 1998 for Trickcompany, Bobobs and Story Of Catalunya for BRB in 1988/1989, Uncle Nious Great Adventure in 1982 for Hongguang Company, A Bibi Blocksberg special for A Film in 2001/2002 and the Land Before Time OAV 7-13!

He is Animator of Wang Film Productions on The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

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