Broken Friendships is a song which was featured in "The Stickiest Glue of All," a story from The Book of Pooh. In it, Pooh and Piglet sang about how the simple breaking of a plate harmed their friendship. This song was featured as Track 17 on the album Songs from The Book of Pooh.


I wish I knew the way to fix a friendship
Like this plate, as broken as can be
It's really such a shame
And nobody's to blame but me
I wish I knew the way to fix a friendship
To put together what has come apart
It wouldn't be so strange
To bring about a change of heart
Oh, what if Pooh is angry?
What if Piglet cries?
Oh, maybe I should ask him
But is that wise?
[Pooh and Piglet]
And if I really lost him
The best friend I've ever known
How sad I'm gonna feel
Looking through the woods alone
I know I might find out that Pooh is angry
I know I'll bring a tear to Piglet's eye
And I can't bear the thought
But if he's mad or not
Still, I really ought to try
I've got to try
[Pooh and Piglet]
For the only way to fix a friendship
Is to try.

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