Known as Brian E. Ray and currently works at Laughing Lions Productions before closing shop in 2014. Besides his overseas animation work and as a Timing Director for various project; Brian has worked on such projects as Twisted Whiskers (Mike Young/Taffy/DQ Entertainment), Balkaand, Little Raven (Indian stories from Ramayana for DQ Entertainment/Cartoon Network), Jungle Book BBC version (DQ Entertainment), Geotracks (Mattel Toys/DQ Entertainment), Backyard Basketball game for Humongous Entertainment. Founded Raven's Eye Productions in 1995 and worked on Vortec (Funbag Productions), Castle Infinity (video game for Starwave), Savage Dragon (Studio B), Curious George animated series (DQ Entertainment; mostly to fix six episodes and redo the final three episodes of the series. and a live action film called In The Magic Land Of Peyote and a documentary called Children Of The Toapuri. More recently worked on Iesodo (an anthro Christian production) for Zaya Toonzs in 2013.

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